A Fleeting View
Digital Image - Ruth Ball - Copyright 2009
Hi to Illustration Friday !
- Haven't posted in a while so just catching up.

Above; I've uploaded this view, witnessed from a bus window, which I feel describes a fleeting moment........and...
Below: I've added my most recent enamel work, which though not quite as apt, in it's way it describes time,..things "fleeting", more in a sense of changing - It's inspiration is based on the alterations in a city undergoing regeneration, whereby old structures mingle with new and before you know it things transform, ...despite time seeming to run for a long time, in the short term, it passes so quickly, so that on looking back.....it's fleeting, time certainly flies for sure.
Hope that makes sense ! Have a Happy Friday !

"Marking Change"

Ruth Ball - Copyright 2009 - Enamel on Copper - 40x50cm

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